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dvr recorded picture freezing on remote receiver


I have a DIRECTV HD DVR HR 24-500.  I also  have several H25-500 receivers.  My question is on 1 of these H25's the DVR recorded programs have a tendency to freeze.  Not the regular programs just the recorded ones and only on this one receiver.  What should I do to try and remedy this?


OK it won't let me respond to the thread.  So I'll try it this way.


I have 4 other H25s.  I was having a different problem in that room so I had already swapped it out with another receiver.  I was having to constantly restart it.  After swapping I thought I had it fixed when it appeared that the wall plate adapter had gone bad and I ran the RG straight into the receiver.  new receiver was working great.  Then my wife tried to play a dvr recorded movie and it started freezing up.  Could my RG cable have gone bad or maybe the splitter where that cable plugs in have gone bad?