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GenieGo OOH Issue with Westell Modem and WRT54GS


I'm having a GenieGo OOH issue.  Downloading content onto devices is working fine on my home network.  However, I've not been able to get the Network Connection test for Out of Home to work at all.  I have a Westell E90 DSL modem and then have a Linksys WRT54GS router behind that.  I have port forwarding configured on the Linksys Router but the connection test still fails.  I suspect that I have to do some similar port forwarding on the Westell modem as well.  However, I'm not really sure exactly what has to be done.  Any suggestions?


I've read some comments that say the modem needs to be set to bridge mode.  This seems to be an option because I have the Linksys handling the DHCP duties for my home network.  I'm not exactly sure if that is correct or how.