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Choppy playback of recordings


Hello, to start I have a HR23/700 In my living room and a HR22-100 in the bedroom. I had the whole home DVR system installed by Directv over a year ago.  Everything had worked perfectly until just a week ago.


Now when a show is recorded on the HR23 and I play it on the HR22 the playback is extremely choppy. If I pause the recording it will play for about 5 seconds without any flaws but then it goes back to being choppy.  I can watch the same show on the HR23 where it was recorded and the playback is flawless.  It is also the same if the show is recorded on the HR22, the playback on the HR23 is choppy and the playback on the HR22 is fine.


Like I stated the receivers were set up by Directv and I have not had to touch them since. The receivers are networked thru the coaxial cables with "Directv connected home adapters". There is also one of the adapters that hooks to my net gear wireless router for a internet connection. I have reset both receivers and my wireless router and it hasn't helped.


Do the Directv home adapters fail or could it be my router?