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HR24 - 100


I am in some much needed help here as I am not to techie when it comes to TV and its components.


I currently am using a HR 23 - 700 and it works great, but I am looking to switch to a HR24-100.  I currently have a slimline5 sat and a Zenwell 6x8  multi switch.  I was wondering if I upgrade to the HR24-100 does it require SWM?  and if so what would I need in order to set it up myself?  I plan to only use the HR24-100 with no other receivers.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    You can safely swap your HR23 with an HR24, but you'll need to B-Band Converter modules on the HR24's SAT INPUTs.  You can get them for free by calling DirecTV. 


    But why do you want to switch?   You won't find much different with the HR24.

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      My roomie wants to switch to a new box.  I could care less and keep the one I already have


      I already have the B Band converters from the old set up.  Maybe we will just look into having both the HR 23 and the HR 24.  Would this require anything else other than the B Band converters for the HR 24 is we decided to use 2 instead of one?

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    Awesome.  Thanks for the update.