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New Home Construction


I am a current customer in a rental house.  I am building a new home and will have 3 to 4 TV's .  Does Direct TV come out to wire my house or do I do that with my electrician?  If I do this, what cable do I use to be compliant with Direct TV installation ?

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    Directv will not send a tech to prewire the house but your electrician should be able to do this without difficulty.  You will need RG-6 with solid copper core.

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    If you want a house wrap (coax outside) DTV will come out to do that after it is finished, if you want the coax in the walls then you need to run RG6 coax, solid copper core is better but copper clad steel will work to each place a TV may be located to a central location that will need power to run the equipment that will be installed there, then run a coax from that location to the power panel where DTV will ground the system and run the coax to the dish.



    The DECA system will provide the internet to all DTV receivers but you may want to run CAT6 Ethernet cables to provide for  Bluray players, smart TVs etc.

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    If you are building a home, it is cheap and easy to run wire while the walls are open. It is expensive and a pain in the posterior after the walls are closed.  So you want to plan ahead and wire ahead.


    Establish a central location where all of your phone, internet, and entertainment (coax) wiring will run to/from.  From that location, run a minimum of one RG6 coax (solid copper core) to every room where you (or any future occupant) might ever want a TV set.  Run two (or more) coax to opposite sides of larger rooms where you plan to have TV (wives will rearrange eventually, wanting the entertainment center on the other side of the room).  My recommendation is for two RG6 to each location.  In addition, I would run one Cat5e or Cat6 ethernet wire to each location.


    From your central location, you also want four RG6 coax going outside to the approximate area where the dish will go.  If you want over-the-air channels also, run a 5th coax, and if you need coax for internet (cable), then run a coax to someplace outside where that can connect. You can't share coax between satellite and cable (same thing goes for inside wiring if you plan to have both).


    Make sure all the coax is labelled on both ends so you can figure out what is what after the walls go up.  Also, put AC power at the central location.