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HR 34 Freezes:  Is Directv on This?


Numerous people have posted on this and other forums regarding HR 34 issues with freezing of recordings. Often the picture will freeze while the sound continues. This has occurred with me numerous times since December on an intermittent basis. My Hr 34 has been flawless for nearly a year prior to December. I do not wish to receive a new box unless it is absolutely necessary. I  have been a DTV customer since 1995, and I am very familiar with these machines.


Is anyone from Directv monitoring this forum as stated? If so, please provide an update on this issue. I have not seen one comment from Directv on this issue, other than a data gathering post on another forum for which no Ditectv tech has officially responded. I have tried every fix posted on every site, and nothing works.

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    You won't likely get any official DirecTV response here.   This forum is primarily a customer-to-customer support forum.   At any rate, I do know that they're aware of these "freeze" issues with the HR34, although there can be a variety of causes.   If you've truly exhausted all of the typical troubleshooting stuff, then it's time to request a replacement DVR, ideally an HR44 Genie.

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    As for right now there seem to be no reports of Freezing/pixelation on recordings for hr34.. specifically receiver type wise.. i'd give directv a call and report it.. I know you don't want a replacement, but it might be something going on internally.