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VOD not connecting to internet - Failed Diagnostic Code 71-77-033


I have a HR24/500 DVR connected to the internet with powerline adapter. 

I have a netgear wireless router.


I was going to record some VOD shows and for some reason I can no longer get out to the internet.

I have wireless laptops, tablet, smart phones connected  and they all can get to the internet.

This used to work.

I went into the network set up on the DVR and the IP was showing a 169 address which is not what the network is set to with the netgear.

So, I set it with the correct static IP, subnet, Gateway, and DNS and click connect.  @

It ran through test and shows Network Ethernet Connected.


But, then shows Internet not connected (22)


Error 86-236


2 Test Failed Diagnostic Code 71-77-033


Any ideas?