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Genie Go Stops at "Waiting To Prepare"


I have recently installed my new Genie HR44 with two wired Genie Mini Clients. Everything with the Initial install appears to work, I am able to use my iPhone, Nexus 7 and Original Surface Pro 8.1, with Live Streaming And all VOD seem to be working on the DirecTV system. This Install was fairly simple except, hour and a half call with 3 csr's. there was some kind of a problem getting the second Genie mini setup on the account. Enter my thoughts for a Genie Go, much Frustration has followed. I have installed the Genie Go, and have 3 Blue lights ooh setup worked well, and I have been able to log in from outside of my network and see the dvr so I believe this is setup correctly. I can launch any Genie Go App and see the shows that I would expect, then when you select the show that you want to send to Genie Go all I get is "Waiting For Prepare", I can see "preparing for Others" on the other Apps. There are no other shows recording currently on the DVR.