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Red rings around dark subject matter


Recently just added a new flatpanel to my HD service, on some channels
darker subject matter has a red ring around it, such as a person wearing a dark suit a red line goes around the whole body of the person, called the TV manufacturer and they have never heard of it and suggested I call you, could this be that the TV is only 720P? any help would be appreciated.

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    Sounds like your TV could benefit from optimizing its video adjustments.   There are some great Video Calibration DVDs that can walk through the process of adjusting your TV's video settings.  Or places like Best Buy can send a tech to make these adjustments for you.   Also, check your TV owner's manual.  Most modern HDTVs have some video presets like "Cinema" or "THX-certified" that will provide the best video quality. 


    Also, I trust you're using an HDMI connection?


    What model DirecTV Receiver/DVR do you have?

    What model HDTV?

    Is this happening on all channels?  Which ones?