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Geeky DIY project....Caller ID


So here is the scenario:


I just switched to AT&T home phone (wireless base) service. LOVE it so far. It has 2-line outs, so one goes to Fax/Phone and other runs to the back of my DVR. I am well aware the service only provides caller NUMBER and not name.


What I'd like to find is a "service" or device or server or any combination of project to allow me to "hit" a database, full of my own contacts, and match the incoming number to a name and then send ALL of that info to the DVR for on-screen display.


If anyone from DirecTV is watching, you've got plenty of drive space on the DVR itself, why not allow us to "program" contact list in there so it can do it's own matching?


I know this is kinda a "geeky" request, but I think this is something that more and more will be wanted as we switch away from POTS phone lines.

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    We're customers like you, not DirecTV employees, so it's unlikely anyone from DirecTV will see your suggestion here. Be sure to email it directly to DirecTV.  But it's not something they're likely to provide.  As it is, regular Caller ID is still a hit-or-miss feature anyway.

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      ok, understood, but you're right this is something that would come from the community rather then employees.


      Caller-ID works great, every time for me, no issues there, and like I said I KNEW I would not get "name" info from AT&T's service. But, much like a cell phone service does, if you put a NAME in your cell phone, then it does the matching and you get a name along with it.


      I'm going to keep looking and see if I can find anything. Even a simple PBX system on a linux server might do the job. overkill, but it might work.