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RC71 failed to program in RF mode for HR44/700. Remote now fails to turn tv on/off?


PLEASE HELP!!! When remote RC71 was org. programed to Receiver HR44/700 it used to turn on/off Mitsubishi TV. Then one day the remote would not operate anything and froze receiver up. Took out  batteries and replaced them to get remote to work receiver again. However, it would not turn tv on/off again. I tried to reset remote and reprogram per instructions to RF mode but when I complete the following steps for RF MODE...

  1. Press and hold MUTE and Select keys until light above the MENU key on the remote flashes twice
  2. Enter 961 using the number keys, then push the channel (CH) switch up
  3. Press ENTER

It says in a little box Applying RF/IR Setup. Please Wait... (Status bar pops up and this ding noise happens for about 30 sec. with each flash on remote.)

After it completes the following message appears...

  • There was a problem setting your remote to work with your receiver. Select Try Again to repeat the steps. If the problem persists; your remote may not be RF compatible. You can also continue using IR.

I have repeated the steps over and over, reset remote and still can not program the remote to trun TV ON/OFF. I do not want to use Three remotes to operate TV. I know the RC71 doesn't opearte any receivers so I will have to continue using that remote. Two is enough. Any ideals on what to do? TV is a Mitsubishi WD-65735.