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How to Program RC71 with Genie HR44 to control Bose Solo


The technician install has the RC71 set so it does control the volume on the Bose Solo, but will not turn the unit on or off.  Have to use the little Bose remote to do that.  That's the problem I want to fix if possible. Not a big deal, but irritating.


The Samsung TV is set for audio out to be external, which sends audio to the Bose and disables the TV speakers (done using Samsung remote). All is good there.


Bose says the Solo is IR mode only, and indeed if I block the RC71 from directing facing the Solo unit it will not operate the volume - so the RC71 must be transmitting IR for it.  The RC71 is working in RF mode for the Genie as it works fine whether blocked or not.  And it seems to be using IR mode to talk to the Samsung TV, as it only will turn it on or off when directly pointing at it, not blocked. Of course, any other actions to control TV settings must be done with the Samsung remote but that is seldom if ever after initial setup.


Looking up codes for Bose Solo or just Bose on Directv yields this: DIRECTV - Remote Control Code Lookup where they do not have any codes, but trying the suggested process does not work as step 4 just yields the Channel Up/Down action on the Genie and does not seem to do anything with stored codes.