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Geni Mini Setup


I have one problem with my setup.

I have the Mini with a HDMI running to one tv. The second tv is setup with the A/V port. I have a RF-Modulator converting to co-axial to the tv. Everything is fine if I leave the first tv that is hooked to the HDMI on. If I turn it off the second tv goes off.

Is this the way I have to run things?

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    I think you may just be turning the reciever off with the first tv


    Just turn the first tv off manually

    Or when going to room 2 press on again on the remote if its set to rf mode

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      "Just turn the first tv off manually

      Or when going to room 2 press on again on the remote if its set to rf mode"

      That doesn't work. After about a minute it turns the second tv off saying that it needs to be changed to a HDMI cable.

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        Right, when You turn off the HDMI connected TV that breaks down HDCP and as such shutting all outputs down.  The fix would be to get an component video switch to connect the main TV with component cables and connect a component to composite adapter inline with your RF modulator.  Another alternative is to get an HD receiver that has composite out on board

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          A small filler to peds48's excellent response.  All HDMI connections send out a query asking the connected device (the TV) if it's HDCP (copy protection) compliant.  The TV responds yes and the handshake is complete and the signal is transmitted.  When the TV is off, no response thus no transmitted signal.

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            You can also solve the problem by getting a POWERED HDMI 2-way splitter that supports HDCP (Monoprice and others). Just connect the HDMI-connected TV to one of the output ports of the splitter. Leave the other empty. When the TV is switched off, the splitter maintains the HDCP compliance and so the receiver thinks the TV is still on.