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HD25-500 Remote Codes Needed


Trying to be able to consolidate all control functions into one.  I recently hung a 2nd signal source on my VISIO TV and so I go back and forth between the two HDMI inputs.  All I could ever get the DirecTV remote to do was turn the set on/off.  Have to have the TV remote to select inputs.  Not good.  If I could get either the DirecTV remote to more fully control the TV or get the DirecTV remote to (at least mostly) control the DirecTV receiver it would help a lot.  I am dying and pretty much bed ridden so I either read, web surf or watch TV these days.


Anybody know where I can get codes?  Even just to TRY.  I am not looking for sympathy.  Stuff happens. I've already outlived my younger siblings and ALL my high school and even some of my college buddies.  I just wish I had to code to make a universal remote talk to the DirecTV receiver model H25-500.


Thanks.  BTW, I am only 62 so I am far from ancient.  Was a very senior computer tech before I retired so I know my way around the web and a keyboard.

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    What model DirecTV remote do you have?  Look for number on top front corner.


    If it's an RC6x (e.g. RC65R, etc) that's programmed to control your TV, you should be able to program the TV's INPUT button as follows ....


    Activate TV INPUT button:

    Mode switch to TV

    Press and hold Mute and Select until the LED blinks twice

    Enter: 9 6 0

    If the LED flashes twice after entering 9 6 0, the Input button is enabled. If it flashes four times you've turned the Input button Off and need to repeat the above step to enable it again.