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OOH not working and I give up


So I am not one to give up on something but I have  tried for  the past week to get this thing to work done search after search after search etc.  for answers but I cannot get the out of home to work. I am a charter high speed internet customer. Have a Motorola surfboard modem hooked to vonage box then to Netgear wndr3700v3 router to desktop and up to my first floor entertainment center to network switch where genie go is hooked in with the genie hd receiver n denon av receiver.  No matter what i have tried I cannot get the genie out of home to work. Can't seem to get port forwarding set up for the 8083 or 8084 ports on router. I've added them like the directions show used the IP address I believe the correct one And have also set up rules on norton360 to allow the port forwarding. I go to the port forwarding sites and check them but they still show up as closed. I've called Direct tv who was useless n said to call netgear to resolve problem. Netgear websites not helpful called tech support who said its charters problem.  Call charter n they referred me to yup. You guessed it.  DIRECT TV like the circle of life ....  I have run out of ideas and cannot figure it out.  Anyone have the same issue that could possibly shed some light on it. thanks for at least letting me rant