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Can anyone help get my R22 connected to my network?


Hi there-


I am hoping someone can help me with my issue, as I have spent 2 hours on the phone with DTV and no luck.  It's no wonder I am turning prematurely grey!


I have the following set up:


Living Rm - HR24-200 and a wireless cinema kit

Bedroom - HR24-100


This configuration has been working great.  I can see the playlists on each receiver and also can access the internet or on demand content with no issues.


I have added a R22-100 in my basement and here is where the issue occurs.  I cannot connect to the network and cannot see the playlists on the other 2 DVR's.  No one at tech support on the phone can seem to figure it out.  The closest we have come to a solution is to connect an Ethernet cable directly to the R22 from my router.  When we connect the cable directly to the R22 I can then see the playlists from the other machines. 


My issue is that I don't want to run a 100 foot cable from the 3rd floor to the basement just for this functionality, and according to tech support I shouldn't have to.


Anyone have any ideas? All help is welcomed and appreciated!!  Thanks!!