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Number of connections??


I understand you can only have 5 connections and it seems like a lot.  But just so I understand.  Is that on their end.  Or its it just geniego is limited and can only handle so much.  It seems like if we're not all watching at the same time it should be unlimited connections.


Instead of 5 connections and waiting 30 days to readd something after you delete it wouldn't it be better to just allow unlimited connections.  And then say all connections are in use and to wait for something to finish or exit.  So at least I can add multiple (Iphone, Ipad, Laptops).  So I don't have to decide which 5.  I can add say 10 things and then just limit the incoming to 5.  So I'm not constantly readding  and deleting things.  I can add as much as I like and then just as need be like once all 5 are watching it will pop up and say the max is watching.  I hate always deleting and readding things.