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HR23-700: How to reformat and reset to factory defaults?


This morning, our HR23-700 decided to freeze and go into an endless boot loop. I searched high and low and did the following diagnostics:


1) Went to the diagnostics menu and ran all tests, long and short. All passed.

2) Did the 02468 force download. I'm not sure what the result was because it ran for about 15-20 minutes with 0% downloaded by a ticker in the upper left continuously going up, then it restarted. This happened three times.

3) Held down the record and down buttons to run a scan.


When I did #3, it actually recovered to a regular screen but it was frozen here. We went out to dinner, so I'm not sure if there was any interactivity at this time but I get full audio when i turned it on but the picture was frozen. I'm re-running #3 right now.


I called DTV and we're upgrading to a Genie for free. However, the service tech won't be out here until Sunday (just in time for Game Of Thrones/Mad Men/Veep). I was wondering if there is a way to reformat the hard drive and restore factory default everything. I went through the diagnostic menu and I didn't see it. Is there some button combination at startup that enables this? Or can this only be done through the active menu?


I dug up our old standard def receiver (no DVR!) so we can catch Justified on Tuesday, but if there's any other last resort methods to try and save the HR23, please let me know.