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Issue Linking DTV account with MLB TV


Has anyone else gotten an eero message when they try to link their DTV account with MLB TV? MLB TV is included with Extra Innings this year. I tried to create an MLB account, didnt get any confirmation so I try to create it again and it there was a duplicate violation so I just tried to login and it says invalid credentials.  Round and round I go...

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    I didn't have any problem yesturday linking my account, but I did have a few people call in today with the same problem. Hopefully it's just an error with the website, since the link just became available to authorize.

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    I am also having problems with this.


    Getting the same:


    Authorization service was not able to complete authorization at this time. Please contact your pay TV provider.


    Had this problem off and on all season, sometimes it says this and the mlb.tv will work anyway.  But now it does not seem to be working.