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IR code set for LG BH9431PW


We are active with the LG brand of electronics.  The IR codes sets work great for their TV's, sound bars and Blu-Ray players.  However, for the 2013/2014 models of their Theater-In-A-Box or Home Theater Systems, there are a few very important commands missing....


Specifically, the DTV IR code 32197 will control a LG BH9431PW (HTS) except there is no way that I have found to exit several of the OSD menus.

It is lacking a required FUNCTION and HOME buttons.  Also, one can get into the LG Menus, but I have not found a way to get out.  The BACK and EXIT buttons on the DTV remote do not execute the Back and Exit functions on the LG.  The four color buttons lack any function as well.


The DTV IR code 32197 does control the LG NB4530S (Sound Bar) perfectly...  A "993" needs to be performed for volume control priority.


Any help?

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    You have to move the slider to whatever selection the audio reciever is on example av1


    Then hold mute and select wait for flashes 993 Select


    You will not get every function

    To program perfectly

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    the DirecTV remotes are as basic as they get.  you are lucky that some functions do work.  for advanced functions, you would need a more advanced universal remote

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    I appreciate the two responses.  Perhaps I misunderstood the DTV tech working working the Installers Tech Support.  He suggest that I log this issue so that a DTV engineer would see this post and with the LG model numbers and IR functions that are missing MIGHT submit this document for further testing and possible correction.  That all.


    Yes, I know how to perform a 993 and the DTV remote is not an "advanced URC".  I'm just praying for the basic...