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Off air antenna question


If I hook up my off air antenna to the box on the side of the house, will that allow me to get local UHF channels on ALL TVs ? Or do I need to run cable to ALL the receivers off air connectors ? I have the SWM hook up with Whole Home DVR. Thanks.

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    What "box on the side of your house?" model numbers


    But the fact that you have WHDVR means that you can't diplex. Further, only the HR20 and H20 receivers were the only ones with OTA inputs, any other models need the AM21 OTA accessory tuner .  one for each receiver, exception to this is the Genie minis which would not need the AM21, just the Genie


    So, yes, you need to run dedicated cables to each TV if you want to watch OTA on the TV, if you want to integrate OTA to the DirecTV receivers and you dont have an HR20 or H20, you will need an AM21