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Set programs to record on Genie from other HD-DVR




I recently had a Genie added to my whole home setup.  When I set the install I was supposed to get my HD-DVR replaced with the Genie and a Genie mini.  When the installer came out he recommended that I keep the HD DVR instead of the mini.  So the HD-DVR was put in place of where the mini was going to go.  Now with two DVR's I would expect when I chose a program to record it would prompt me on which DVR I wanted it to record to like at the following help link: Whole-Home DVR service: How do I record programs from a TV other than the one connected to my HD DVR? | DIRECTV Support


I could not see this option as expected based on the link and called Technical Support.  I was told this was not possible and this did not show in their support system.


My Equipment:

Genie - Model: HR44-500

HD-DVR - Model: HR20-700


So my question is, who is right the Tech support or the article?  If I set something to record on the Genie that was already set up on the HD-DVR would it record twice or do they share a to do list?