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Did something change with app and connecting receivers to the internet?


So, I've had DirecTV for several years.  I have 2 HDDVR and 3 HD receivers. They have been connected to the internet through the home connection kit, completely wired environment, forever.  At on point I had each receiver accessible through the iOS app so that in the house, I could call up a receiver and use the iPad as a remote if I wanted. I could also see what was being watched, and in certain circumstances, watch live shows depending on the channel.  And could always pull up recorded shows.  Well, I logged back in today and nothing seems to work. It says I'm not on my home network, I am, same one I've always been on.  No receivers are listed in settings (not even in red). And the instructions keep talking about how receivers must use wifi To be connected?  HuH?  My receivers have always received their internet through the coax cable that connects back to the home connection kit which is wired to the router.  Did something change With the way home networking works in relation to using the iPad in the house or out?


if I log into my account, it shows all my receivers as connected to the internet.