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HR21-200 - Series Manager Question


Hi all. I was wondering if someone could help. If I go to record a series that starts at 8:00PM but is repeated at 11:00PM, how do I go about just recording the 11:00PM episodes. Every time I try to record the 11:00PM series episodes it includes the original time the series is on and ignores the later time.The setup is for first run and keep all episodes. Also, I noticed when first run is chosen in series settings, it records episodes from the past I may not have seen or recorded. Is there a way to make it record just new episodes. I hope someone can help.


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    Other than a manual recording I don't think you can and the series manager will always record the first episode of a series regardless if it is first run or not.

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    As Shannon suggested, you can set up a repeat manual recording for the time slot/channel you want and it will do that reliably.  The DVR is really pretty smart, it tries to record what it thinks you might want.  In addition mto the recording the first episode as Shannon mentioned, if the series is one that may have been first run in Europe, it may well record old episodes because the DVR has never "seen" those episodes.