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ENCeHD Disappeared


I've had DTV since 2007 with the CHOICE XTRA CLASSIC package. 


About a month or so ago, ENCeHD (ch.535) is grayed out...error 721...channel not purchased.  I've had that channel since the day DTV was installed.


I did the reset and reauth stuff, which did nothing.


Sent email to DTV support...all they said was for me to call them, which I haven't done yet.


Anyone have any ideas or do I HAVE to call support?  OR...have I lost the channel permanently?


Thanks in advance.

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    That Encore channel is a premium channel and part of the Starz/Encore package.  It is not a standard part of any package of channels.  If you are paying for the Starz package then you'll need to call and get yourself reauthorized.  The two links may be of value.

    DIRECTV Mobile site

    Networks | Watch ENCORE on DIRECTV Online and On Demand

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      Thanks for your reply.


      If what you say is true, how would I have received only ENCeHD and not any of the others in the Starz package?


      Is it conceivable that DTV changed my programming package?


      I guess I'm more curious than anything.

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        The only packages that include Encore channels are Ultimate and Premier.  If you have never had either of these packages, I would be more curious as to why you were able to watch it.

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          If I could remember the name of the package I purchased when DTV was first installed, that would probably help.  I'm not so sure that it was called Choice Xtra Classic.  I think the name and content have both been changed.


          And ENCe is the only 'premium' channel I've ever received.


          Like I said, tho, I'm more curious than anything about why I had it for almost 7 years, and it just went dead.


          Oh, well.

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    I have a similar problem.  I have the Premiere Package and several days ago the YES Network started giving me error 721 for live Yankees games, having never done that previously (I then get the post-game show no problem, but no game).  My understanding was that encore presentations were blacked out (MLB rules), but not live games.  And previously I got them. 


    Any insight as to why this has changed?


    Thanks you!