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Guide in Genie does not highlight channels after moving 2 spaces and often gives another channels info from the one that IS highlighted.


I just switched to DTV and have am having several issues with the Guide.  Otherwise, everything is fine.  First, I had the gray highlight on gray background issues.  I contacted CS but they kept telling me it was something else, than it actually was.  Anyway, fixed it by turning on/off.  I just saw that has been an issue on the forums and only mention in case it is relevant to my current problems I'm having with the Guide.


Right now when I scroll down the Guide, I can only move it twice before the blue highlight disappears.  To make it reappear so I can read the info on a channel, I have to go in the opposite direction to make it appear.  I was having a similar issue on going forward in time on the guide, last night.  I could only go so many spaces before it would freeze (the highlight disappearing), and would have to go up or down to make it appear, so that I could continue forward in the time slots.  I had no issues in skipping forward 12hrs.  I am not scrolling too fast, though on something like this, my speeds should not matter.  I've been with Dish and my local cable company and none, even the 8 yr old receiver I had, ever had an issue with keeping up. So I don't buy that excuse from CS.  Plus, any other menu within the Genie, I can scroll as fast as I wish, including the On Demand, etc.  But again, speed is not an issue or the cause of this problem.  Last night I was even counting to 10, before moving on to the next channel and the highlighting would still disappear and I would still often get the wrong channel info.  Typically, the info would be for the channel 2 above (again that number).  But a few times it was more.  And another time it was 4 above and in a different time slot than I was browsing in.  Often it would take a bit of work, before I could get the channel info to come up for the channel I was highlighting.  Even going up and down, over and over.  This is going to be a PAIN if it continues.  I don't mind a few odd quirks.  But this cannot be "normal" for the Genie, can it?


Thank you in advance for any guidance you can give me.