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Cannot register my iPad to GenieGo


after entering my Directv.com password, I am informed that it is incorrect.

Yes, I tested the password online and it worked so I am at a loss.

I reset the GenieGo box, deleted and reinstalled the app.

... any suggestions? anyone?


is it normal to not be able to watch the DVR on the device in-home?


at one time, I was able to view programs on my DVR while visiting folks in another state but then

the app locks up after about 10 minutes every time on both my iPad and on my iPhone.

So, I decided to reset the box and reload everything thus the status above.


(sigh) this is getting frustrating....


what am I doing wrong?


Thank you for your time.

  • Re: Cannot register my iPad to GenieGo

    OK, I figured it out.....

    I deleted and reloaded the app on my iPad Mini.

    Opened the app and signed on with my DirecTV essentials as required.

    Went to Settings > Receiver Control and entered the IP address for my Genie DVR.

    Then Settings > GenieGo and selected Register My iPad

    and entered the DirecTV password but this time

    I did not chose the 'on DVR' button but left the 'on iPad' button selected

    and wa-la! my iPad got registered.

    We can assume this is a closed issue!

    Color me happy :-)