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geniego ooh setup with cincinnati bell


I think I setup my GenieGo for OOH access, at least it passes the test from the app.

I have Cincinnati Bell Fuse Internet and a Linksys Router.  

My GenieGo uses ports 8082, 8083 according to the app clicking on the '?'.

I setup my Linsys e4200 modem for the port forwarding.


I did a tracert directv.com to see that my DSL model was a second router as     (I found this explanation well explained in another post - thank you!)


I entered that IP in my browser and saw I had a Westell model.    I went to Directv site to set that up.  I clicked thru the westell options until I could find one that  looked like the interface I see (I couldn't find the model anywhere)

How do I configure my wireless router? | DIRECTV Support





Then,  I added then enabled two services 8082, then 8083.   For each one, I basically put 8082 in each field and clicked thru the next and save.    Then did 8083 the same way.     When I clicked enable, it asked about the home network, I just took how it was filled out (with my sSID).    Note sure if I really needed an IP there.    I'll find out when I try outside my network.