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My HR21-700 DVR is doing strange things


I have Whole-Home HD DVR service, no internet. For the last few months, the sound will go out intermittently, but switching to another channel and back again fixes that. Also, when watching a recorded program, it will sometimes freeze during playback. It will occasionally start again on its own, but mostly not. And it freezes at the same point if I go back to play it again. It has just recently stopped showing my recordings, saying my playlist is empty. Then the next day, its back. The DVR also turns on by itself, and I can't shut it off, either with the remote or by pushing the power button on the front of the unit. Then after several hours (sometimes a few days) it can be shut off as usual.


I ran all of the built-in diagnostic tests (except the surface test) and two of them failed. I have not been able to find out what the error messages mean. It failed the Threshold Test with error 301D. It also failed the LNB Power test, with error message 400F. Is my DVR dying?