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I'm trying to set up receiver at my cabin, direct says can't have it outside of my main residence! When did they change that???  Get error 775


Ive been on the phone with direct for 5 days, I get a different answer each time I talk to someone! they had my wife shut the electric off to my main residence to reset everything.  That didn't work, they said I needed to reset the swim box, she couldn't find the swim converter so they her power down whole house to reset it! That didn't work still get error 775.  when I called this morning, Now they tell me policy has changed and you need a new account to have tv at my cabin! I've talked to atleast 5 different people and no one told me that till today. 

Im so frustrated with Direct TV! I can't get a technician to come out either, since they will only come to my residence, not to my cabin! Then she said if I have tv at the cabin then the house tv will not work..if I keep on same account?!?! 

Please any suggestions!?