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Anyone Not Happy with Tivo


Since changing to a Tivo DVR (which I love apart from this issue) I get annoyed when the DVR decides to change channels on the tuner that is either not being used or is paused, to record programs for On Demand.   During March madness I was watching two games -- pausing one and then switching to the other tuner to watch another.   Well apparently after a set period of time (15 minutes I think) Tivo decides that I am no longer watching a show on the other tuner and stops my pause and starts recording on channel 1100 for an On Demand show.  Talk about being mad -- I missed the end of my teams game.

I talked to tech support and they said that this was a Tivo issue.  I called Tivo and they said that DirecTV does the programming for their specific needs.

My gripe is that DirecTV gives me the option to let the DVR record programs that it thinks I like but does not give me the option to stop the recording of On Demand shows that I never ever watch.

Is anyone else upset at this?