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Genie Freezes and DTV refuses to fix it


I am *THIS* close to throwing this piece of **** Genie out the *******' window!


For ELEVEN MONTHS, the Genie receive will intermittently and abruptly freeze during playback of live TV *AND* recordings. First the picture freezes, and the audio continues for about 30 seconds and then the entire box locks up. The ONLY way to get it working again is to hit the red reset button. Recently, it's begun locking up EVEN WHEN ITS TURNED OFF and won't power own without hitting the red reset.


I've run all the hardware tests DOZENS of times, have the latest updates, have a circulation fan in the well-ventilated cabinet to prevent overheating, and I have nothing stacked on top of or under the Genie box.


I've searched all the forums, followed all the advice and had technicians out to inspect/test/repair the problem SIX TIMES. And it CONTINUES NO MATTER WHAT.  Nothing on the remote solves the problem, I can't "skip past the bad spot" and I AM DAMNED SICK AND TIRED OF IT!


The old pre-Genie DVR never did this and every time I call customer support, they tell me they've never heard of this kind freezing problem before and pretend like it must be something I'm doing wrong. If you check Google, you'll see MILLIONS of identical complaints, and that the problem has been happening since day one of the Genie release, regardless of device model.




I'm going to have the main unit replaced FOR THE THIRD TIME and if the problem still exists, I'm taking this worthless piece of **** out to the desert and putting a few dozen rounds into it.


I'm sick of paying over $100 a month for **** HARDWARE and DENIALS BY DTV.