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Genie + HDMI to AVR = no signal


I've had the Genie for a few months and all was fine until recently. The Genie would not power off, and there was no longer any signal to my Pioneer receiver via HDMI. Tried swapping out cables, still no signal. We had a tech come out to check tings over, and he plugged the HDMI cable directly into the TV, and it worked. For whatever reason, sending the video & audio over HDMI to the Pioneer Elite VSX-21THX resulted in no signal. The original Genie would not power off, so he swapped it out for a new one, but the same issue existed - no signal over HDMI to the Pioneer AVR.


I now have the HDMI running straight into the TV, and an optical cable going to the AVR for audio, but would much prefer just going HDMI into the AVR as I had before. Anyone else with this issue, or know a solution?