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TVapps recently keep disappearing?


I have 2, R22-100 (with HD) receivers that have had the TVapps working just fine every day for 1 year.

Starting the morning of June 3rd, they disappeared.  when they disappear, I can launch the TVapps and the first window comes up stating that his could take a few minutes, then nothing, a few minutes later I get the screen that the TVapps are not currently available (1).  This is not true as if I reset the receivers they come back, so DirecTV's TVapps are not down.


I reset the receivers (power plug pull) and the TV apps came back and I could navigate them without any trouble.  Later in the day

1 reciever lost them again, then a few hours later the other receiver lost the TVapps.  Resetting both receivers again brought back the TVapps, only to have them disappear in a few hours.


1.  I have reset from the red button, the menu, power plug pull and still the same problem.


2.  Hitting the dash key on the remote says I have internet connection, and VOD works flawlessing.


3.  Restored the Network Connection defaults and still a problem.  Reset my cable internet modem (receivers are hardwired in, not wireless) and still the TV apps disappear.


4. I have reauthorized the receivers and waited overnight, no help.


5. Network Services are up and running ok.


I could be wrong but this seems to be a DirecTV issue since it happens to both receivers and only started yesterday on June 3rd.


Anyone have suggestions?