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TV apps unavailable try again later (1)


This is really becoming annoying.  On my most watched set I am getting this message when trying to launch the TV apps that I use all the time for weather, scores, etc.


I have full internet, network connection, everything tests perfectly, but recently the HR200-700 will not launch the APP connection.


I can restart the unit and it works for a while, but after a few days for some reason it just stops again with this message.


Restarting is not a good solution.

I even used the command clearmybox to reload the recent update.


It is annoying when a vendor can not supply an explanation to their error messages and code.

What does (1) mean?


I have other sets connected that I don't use much and this never seems to occur.


This really is annoying since I can not fix it and Direct TV support is useless for anything other than resetting, turning the unit on and off.