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Why do I have To Be Announced on my list




I'm new here. I keep seeing the words "To Be Announced" on my list. I can't see what shows or movies or games are playing. Why is this happening? It has been couple of days now. However, yesterday I reset my DVR, then it was setting up and after that it showed Software download. If I wanted to download the software later I would have to click the continue button to get back to my show. I just let it download. Then everything seemed back to normal. I wasn't seeing any "To Be Announced". Now it's back to being "To Be Announced" about almost every channel except for the local stations. The software download came up again but still seeing the "To Be Announced" on my list. I saw some post already saying it takes up to 10 days to get things back. If this is true, why and why would it take that long?