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Re: Audio Issues


Hi. Am having an issue with my main DVR in the living room, which is an HR24-100. The problem is now consistent every time the TV and DVR has been off, and I turn on in the morning. There is video, but no audio. The audio controls on the remote control are rendered useless.....although I can change channels without issue. Volume doesn't work, mute doesn't work, no audio. When I attempt to turn everything off and try to turn on again, only the DVR goes off, and the video then freezes. I push on again, and the box comes back on, but still no audio.Then, within a minute or so, the tv turns itself off,and then comes back on again. Now the audio is restored, and an error message flashes that an error has occurred and been fixed.


I have also noticed lately, that for some reason when watching recorded programs,every command is now followed by that beep that you get when you have pressed a button in error.


Can't figure out what is going on and why this has started happening. Mostly on the main tv, but it has also happened once on the bedroom tv that is connected via whole house dvr.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!