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Jive won't let me reply to previous post


Two months ago I posted a question:


Here is an oddball query


I NEVER received notification of a reply. Today I came and found that the ******** Jive software is IGNORING my notification settings. So I tried to reply to peds48. No Joy; Jive won't let me post anywhere except here EVEN THOUGH I AM LOGGED IN.


So here is my reply to peds48:


Two weeks after I posted the question, my old Hitachi went Tango Uniform. I had to run down on the spur of the moment to buy a new TV. I picked up a 42" LED flat screen 16:9 model since the screen height was close to that of the old Hitachi. I changed the setting in my DirecTV receiver to reflect that it was now feeding a 16:9 TV.


Unfortunately, I still have letterbox bars at the top and bottom. Is the problem with my DirecTV receiver, or has the HD aspect ratio been changed? It looks like content signal aspect ratio is now closer to 16:7 or 32:13.