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Genie wanting to change channels to start recording


Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask about this so if it's not, sorry.


We have the Genie and two Mini's hooked up. Recently the main Genie wants to change channels just to start recording something we have set up to record. After it starts recording we can change channels like normal. This is happening even if the Mini's are off so it's not them taking up one of the streams.


Example: Last night our shows set to record were, Defiance and ****'s Kitchen from 8pm to 9pm, Big Brother from 9:01pm to 10:01pm and Impractical Jokers from 9:30pm to 10:00pm. So at most there were 2 shows recording at the same time and both Mini's were off so there were no conflicts. At about 8:55pm we get the message that the box needs to change the channel to record Big Brother with the option to click yes record or no don't record. At 9:01pm the box changes over to Big Brother automatically and starts recording, after that we can change the channel like normal.


This has happened multiple times now and when only 2 things are being recorded and the Mini's are off, it's only started doing this recently.


Any idea what is going on here? Thanks.

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    First thing to try is resetting your Genie using the red button behind the front access card door.

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      Thanks. I should of tried that first as it's usually the first thing you get told to try. Though, I'm not sure if it worked.


      I tried clicking the red button, I didn't hold it in, but I ended up needing to unplug the main box for 30 seconds because the minis quit working correctly after, I could see everything (guide, info, menu, etc.) but had no picture.

      I was waiting to reply to see if it did this anymore. The same 4 shows I talked about above recorded fine with no prompts for the channel change last night. But, just now, right before I got on here, it popped up saying it needed to change the channel to start recording Crossbones at 10:00PM. It is the only thing that is even recording, but this time after clicking yes to record it, it didn't change the channel like it used to.


      So I'm not entirely sure if it is fixed or not. I'll keep looking out for it and see.