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Direct TV Gene and DATA usage is beyond crazy… anyone have a fix??


This is an new post I am starting because the amount of data that my direct TV is using is off the chart crazy!



I opted to a string on May 10th and that day I disconnected my Gene from the internet and my data usage went down to normal. Then I reconnected on June 28th  the 29th it sucked up over 45 gigs of data 30th  Then on July 6, 7 9 and 10 it was 30 to 40 gig THEN on July 13 and 14  It used 182 gigabytes on one day and almost a hundred the next. So I was over 300 gig in less than 4 days…

As soon as I  disconnect the Gene from the Internet on July 15th , my Data uses went down to let than a gig a day….


I have a major problem with DirecTV using an insane amount of DATA when my Gene is connected to the Internet


I really like DIRECTV but it is unlikely I will keep it is they cannot fix this issue. It is not right and a huge problem that could cost me allot of $$$.

I went to you customer service people who said they will check on the problem but I will not get a response…???  That is nuts.


Anyone have an idea on a fix...???

Help me!