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How do i connect my RC65R to my new SEIKI TV?


I have the RC65 R Remote - and want to program it so i only have one remote to use...SEIKI is not listed as an option.

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    You would need to do a remote code search


    Slide switch to TV

    1. Press and hold MUTE and SELECT (LED flashes twice)

    2. Enter 991 then 1

    3. Press VOL UP

    4. Press CH UP (repeatedly)

    Now watch the TV screen for the VOL bar to show up, when it does press SELECT to save the code

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    WWhat model Receiver do you havr?

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    I just found the code for my Moms new Seiki SE40FY27.  I had seen the process Peds48 listed here in some of my other searches on the internet.  For step 3 listed above, most of the internet info says to use the Power button option vice the Volume Up option listed here.  I don’t believe it matters since you’re just looking for some indication of activity from the TV.  After spending a few hours using individual codes and using this auto search process and going forward (step 4 CH UP), I decided to try it using the Volume option, but instead of going forward I decided to go in reverse (step 4 CH Down).  Things seem to be going slow and then about 30-40 clicks into my reverse search, lo and behold, I got life out of the TV and remote.  I actually went pass the code by a click or two and when I clicked channel up it took me back to the code so I did forward (CH Up) and reverse (CH Down ) a few times to make sure I was at the right code before hitting Select button to save it. 

    With my forward searches earlier in this process, I'm sure I was at least 200 clicks into my forward search before dozing off for a nap (lol!!)...... But the reverse search works also.  By the way I had to do something similar for my daughter's 32' Seiki a year and a half ago but I couldn’t remember exactly what I did so I’m writing it down this time. Hopefully you've already solved the problem but if not hopefully this helps.