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HR24-500 thinks it's a fax machine ????


Ok, bear with me on this one. Very bizarre....

Setup: HR24-500 on network and connected to phone line with DSL filter

ATT DSL for internet etc.

HP combo printer and fax connected to phone drop with DSL filter set to 6 rings

Answering machine connected with DSL filter set to 4 rings


Starting Friday whenever someone calls the phone rings twice and then we hear a fax tone, but it doesn't seem to be the

printer causing the problem. So I disconnect the DSL modem, disconnect the answering machine, disconnect the HP printer,

hook up a simple Radio Shack landline phone, shut down all PCs in the house, AND call house phone from cell phone and after 2 rings

get ..... FAX tone AGAIN !!!  What the heck is going on here and where could it be coming from ?????

Then I remember that HR24 has phone line connection. Soooo, I disconnect phone line from receiver, re-dial and no fax tone.

Strange to say the least....

I reconnect line to HR24, re-dial and fax tone is back after 2nd ring again....

Ok, now I reconnect all other equipment; answering machine,  DSL modem, re-boot PCs, DISCONNECT H24, re-dial and no

fax tones....


Last resort I reset HR24, re-connect phone line to it, re-dial and NO Fax tone this time.


I've had this HR24 for 3 years, never had this happen before. Only thing I have also observed is that when watching TV and a call

comes in, the number will appear on the screen most of the time, but not always. Has always been hit or miss with that feature.


Net result is problem resolved for now....but thought that you would find this one quite interesting. Don't know if anyone has had

this type of occurrence. Crazy !!