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Genie non responsive and resetting without losing info?


Ever since I received my Genie over 18 months ago I have been having the non-responsive to commands problem, it seems by my research that there is really NO fix for this.  To me it seems that Directv has very sloppy code writers and are trying to put 10 pounds of stuff into a 5 pound bucket and overloading the CPU capability of the Genie.


The reset option seems to be the only thing that will improve the Genie's performance but the downside is that I will lose all of my programming as well as recorded shows.  I would call for a new Genie but the same downside exists.  Has anyone found a work around for this?  There are USB ports in the Genie (and have been on previous DVRs) that seem useless, I have always wondered why Directv hasn't utilized these ports to at least make it possible to copy shows and settings from a receiver to a replacement receiver.  My only rational conclusion is that if they did that it would make it more easy for customers to request replacements and they do not want that.


I am asking this as my last resort before dropping Directv and switching to Uverse.