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HR24-500 DVR Thumping Noise after a couple of months - How to Stop?


A couple of months ago I received a replacement (refurbished) HR24-500 DVR after the wiring inside my original DVR model started smoking and the smell of burnt plastic filled the house :{.  I received a 7 year old "replacement" and has been working fine, running 6+ hours a day.  Two days ago a loud thumping noise started when changing channels -- as described in other posts. Now, it thumps 2x each time we change channels.  Annoying to say the least! And reset or turning off the dolby digital did not work.  Besides, who wants to eliminates the opportunity to listen in Dolby 5.1.?  Does anyone have something else I can try? This whole thing is doubly disappointing when I see people with Genies are having the same problem, especially since in 2 months I am eligible for the Genie switch out.