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Directv RC65X remote control code for Sharp LC60LE650U, for discrete power on/off


I programmed my RC65X remote control for a Sharp LC60LE650U tv and while volume works fine, the power on/off buttons don't work correctly. Instead the on button works like a toggle, press 'on' once to turn it on and then press 'on' again to turn it off. Is there any way to have the 'on' and 'off' buttons work correctly with this Sharp tv where only 'on' turns it on and only 'off' turns it off? It's causing confusion now because for example someone picks up the DirecTV remote and presses 'on' and the tv comes on but say the DirecTV receiver missed that button press and remains off. So then the user presses 'on' again on the remote wile making sure to point it right at the DirecTV unit and then the Directv unit comes on but then the tv goes off, because 'on' acts like a power toggle for the tv rather than a discreet power on button.