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WHY in the world would DirecTV make new remotes (Genie Upgrade) that DO NOT LIGHT UP in dark??


I upgraded to Genie & received 2 new remotes...BOY how short sided was someone in YES IMO creating a better remote but virtually USELESS when using in the dark.  I cannot see anything on it.  It's a cluster PUCK.  Can someone please answer this &/or start a campaign to get DTV to make remotes that either light up or GLOW IN THE DARK

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    Both the RC6x and RC7x remotes are available in backlit versions.

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    Got a quick response with email link to a back lit remote from another VENDOR but not DirecTV.  I was told by vendor to contact DTV for exchange since they couldn't do.  DTV said "WE DO NOT CARRY OR PROVIDE BACKLIT REMOTE THAT WE PROVIDED YOU", "Only new remote we gave you that isn't backlit". 


    I was astonished at this answer.  One, DTV doesn't even have any backlit ones to sell/provide on upgrades, new accts...the NEW remote which I love.  So why even provide the new version if there is no backlit version?  Just give the older version that is both backlit & not backlit.  I obviously can think of all the cost cutting & illogical reasons why they would do this, but seriously, instead of creating a problem, just provide the same darn remotes & not even introduce a new one if you cannot provide a backlit version. 


    In my own creative way, I am getting a backlit remote from outside vendor w/o any real out of pocket expense.


    I do appreciate the quick responses & yes I see or understand older version remotes can be used/programmed that are back lit but 2 issues to me arose.  1., why introduce a new if not back lit & 2., when I upgraded & gave back equipment & old remotes, I no longer had option of using older versions


    I hope DTV isn't getting too bogged down in this minor nuisance but it really makes no sense unless you are a good Helen Keller type with remotes &/or you only use remote during daylight or lights on


    Good luck to any & all facing this minor faux pas IMHO

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      The backlit Genie remote is available for ordering online.  Open you Directv account and look in the My Equipment section.  Cost is $25.

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        I saw that and asked to be upgraded to this with my Movers deal. They sent me one of the two I needed. It has 'RC72' over the On button as opposed to the 'RC71' on the old remotes, but if it is backlit, then how do you get it to work?


        There is no backlight button. There is nothing in the instructions about it. I can't find anything on DirecTV's website about it.


        I did just send an email about still needing backlit remotes to DirecTV, but just did that so haven't gotten the answer yet. I have called about getting sent the new backlit remotes, but repeatedly kept getting transferred to someone 'who will do that' until phone connection was lost. I didn't ask them about how to turn on the backlight feature as I had assumed there would be a button on the remote like every other on I ever had.

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        The one without back light is only $10. That's probably why they don't just give everyone a back lit remote. Most people don't really care anyway, I know I don't.

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          On the website, the one without backlight is $15 and the backlit one is $25. A difference of $10 at retail, but the cost difference is probably only $1-2. I think it would be prudent for DirecTV to give the backlit remote to those who buy the Genie Receiver and Premier programming package as I think many of these customers like myself and vinnyvegas just expect this to be included with a top of the line package.


          I care very much about having a backlit remote. I have a plasma TV, and for the best picture I must watch in a darkened room. It is difficult to work a remote that is not backlit.


          I was surprised that the Genie remote wasn't backlit when I first got DirecTV. It does not align with their otherwise 'best way to watch TV' approach. But, I didn't worry about it as I planned to transfer everything to my universal remote which is backlit. But I was unable to do that as it didn't have a code to program it for the Genie receiver. I have been fumbling in the dark since.


          The Genie remote  has been a real disappointment to me. I have to use multiple remotes now as it will not work with my sound system. The universal remote I used before along with being backlit transmitted in IR and RF and used a small box to convert the RF signal back to IR and send it to all the equipment in my main A/V system. So I could control everything from anywhere in the house. With the Genie remote, even if it will control my Blu-ray player, it will only do that in that room. I can't watch it in another room.


          It seems to me that DirecTV hasn't fully taken into consideration all the ways that people use other equipment than theirs for entertainment and doesn't provide the type of remote control needed for a better integration with it.

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    The RC72 is not backlit yet.  There is only one model of the Genie remote with back lighting.  It is the RC71B.  They are usually not free.

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      Thanks for the model number!


      If that were listed on the website so I could have asked for the backlit remotes by model number, maybe I wouldn't be having this problem.


      As for not usually being free, what is usually free? lol


      They agreed to upgrade me to backlit remotes when I agreed to the special 'Movers Deal' ($169), and since I already had the Genie Receiver and the Premier programming package no upgrade there was possible. So I don't consider them 'free'.


      Using the model number, I went on chat and ask for them. A very nice lady told me that all they have are RC72 models (which I find odd since they have the RC71B for sale on the website), and was then given another phone number to call. "Claire Marie R. (ID 100639078): I see, it shows here that we only have RC72 remote for Genie". I haven't tried that one yet. I may take an extra high blood pressure pill and give it a try. .


      Seriously, this would not have been, and should not have been a problem, had they just done what they agreed to, but of course, that was on the phone were I have no written record. The Movers Deal had a 'special number' you had to call in order to get it. I shouldn't have to buy equipment to record the phone conversations. A customer rep probably just heard me say 'new remote' even though I clearly said: "New Backlit Genie Remote" and sent me a remote, thinking he had done what he agreed to do. But it shouldn't take me hours to have this corrected if I ever do get it corrected that is.


      This is on top of the fact that I'm not happy with what has happened overall with my DirecTV service.


      When I first started I had a couple of problems and called the customer service. I promptly spoke with a person who solved them. There were no long delays because of the automated phone menus. There were no transfers, much less multiple ones ending with me being disconnected without the problem being solved.


      On my installation at my old (two story) house I wanted the dish mounted on the house and was told they were no longer allowed to do that, and the dish was put in the yard. I was glad though when a rare (for here in GA) snow fell and I lost signal, but was able to simply go sweep the snow off the dish and restore it. But, when I moved here to this (one story) house I was told the only way to get a signal was to put it on the roof, where sweeping snow off it will not be a simple thing. That is where it is. It is conveniently very close to where the cable goes into the house, but not where I thought it should go for the best signal. I no longer have the equipment to check, but I used to sell the old C and Ku satellite receivers at my place of business, and went out to observe my installers enough that I got to be pretty good at eyeballing where a dish needs to go. Where I thought it should go was at a corner of the house where it would be aimed between the surrounding treeline rather than on the roof trying to aim over the treeline. This was however a longer distance from the cable entrance to the house. I didn't question the installers judgement at the time, but maybe I should have.


      I have observed a lost signal during rain more in a month here than I did during a year at the old house. I only had to power cycle my receiver once, maybe twice, at the old house to stop problems. Here I have had to reset it as often as three times a day and continue to have problems with it. Problems like finding that programs I had recorded had three listings where it had stopped recording an started again. The receiver will also stop responding to the remote, requiring a reset, sometimes more than one, to correct the problem. Sometimes when I choose to erase a recorded program after watching it the program is still listed. When I try to delete it the "delete" option is not there. The receiver must be reset to get it off my list of recordings.


      Sorry, I have gone rather far from my question about backlit remotes. Maybe though it does explain the amount of frustration I have over a simple remote control problem. Getting set up in the new house hasn't been easy either so I am operating under a more than usual level of frustration to start.

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    Backlit versions are not offered as a standard part of your equipment.  You have to purchase them via the website.  Customer reps only have access to replace the basic model remotes.  If you want a backlit remote, you're paying for it.


    They all have B in the model name for Backlit.  R in the model name means RF capable, and X in the model name means XMP (self programmable).