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HD Service Question


For the past (2) years, we received a $10 credit for HD service, but it recently expired.   At the time we received the credit, the customer service representative stated we would receive this credit as long as we were DTV customers. I contacted DTV to "renew" the credit, and was told it is not available, and I will need to pay the $10/month.   I understand DTV no longer charges new customers $10/month for HD because they only offer HD receivers,/service..   Has anyone else experienced this?   Any input would be appreciated.  Thank You!!

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    Check your billing statements. It clearly shows the number of months the $10 will be applied.


    If I have a question though about a service, I do the following: call and ask, chat and ask, and call and ask. Kind of like if the first call has a different response than the chat, then I do a second phone call and ask them without telling them agents about what the previous agents told me in the first call and chat.