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"Unable to access media" from HR44/500 from home PC


Whenever I attempt to access media content from my Windows 7 home PC, I get an "Unable to access media" from the Directv receiver. I am using a U-verse router and I have media sharing turned on on my PC system. All my network devices are assigned DHCP IP address, which start with - 192.168.1.xx, and I am still receiving the "Unable to access media". All of the Directv devices appear on the network map as, "The following discovered device(s) can not be placed in the map", but the Directv device icons appear at the bottom on the network map as mentioned above.

When I perform a "Test Connection" from the Network settings from the Directv HR44/500 receiver, it responds with a, "System Test Results: All Items OK" confirmation. Media Share was working fine a couple of weeks ago.


Why is the Directv receiver giving me an "Unable to access media" response?