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Remote control for Genie pauses and queues up commands


I have the following:


  • Gene HR34/700 - running soft are 0x8d4
  • Direct TV Universal Remote (I do not know the model number - I have the same one for an HR24/500 DVR - it is also on this web page: http://www.directv.com/technology/remotes This remote is InfraRed
  • A HR24/500
  • Whole home DVR (I have Internet apps and can see both DVRs recorded programs from either DVR)



What is happening:


With regards to the Genie - I have noticed a problem where the remote will issue commands to the Genie but then Genie fails to react.  Often times, it appears that the commands are received by the Genie because they seem to queue up and execute all at once.


For example, I can issue a Fast Forward command then the play command.  The play command does not execute.  I then can press any other button and nothing happens (such as the Menu button).  Then without pointing my remote at the DVR, the Play command eventually executes followed by the Menu command.  The delay can be several seconds.  And the issue is not always present - most of the time it works as expected.  The example given is just a sample, it can and has occurred with any number of key sequences - Multiple skip forward presses - channel changes using the number keys, etc.


Any idea what might be going on or how to fix it?