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Vizio Sound Bar Not working with Directv Remote


Hello - I have a Vizio Sound Bar (VSB211) and can't get this working with my Directv Remote (RC64R).


I used the codes of 31517 and 32454 as suggested by Directv but neither works with the AV2 input.  Vizio is also no help since they only gave me 31517.


I've also tried the following codes:

10120,10864,10885,01377,11758,11756,10117,10178, 0660, 0883, 1517.


I don't know if this sound bar doesn't use any of the same codes as other vizio sound bars since I read some have had success.  I'm just to the point of being frustrated.  I welcome any help anyone out there can provide.


Is there anything else I can do here?


Thanks in advance!